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February 9, 2011
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Dear Steve,

Sad Mac logoYes, fellow SMUGers, I have to report that it's been getting harder and harder to book our venue at SLAC and that it looks as though this may be the last time we can do so. As I write this, I'm not sure what alternative venue we may end up with. As you may know, finding a suitable venue has been a challenge for computer groups all over the Bay Area and recently SVMUG was forced to find a home at Google rather than Apple HQ in Cupertino.

SMUG's association with SMUG has lasted 10 years. We owe a great deal of thanks for this to Owen Saxton and Dave Aston, who have also contributed many hours of Shareware presentations and disks. Meanwhile, we welcome your suggestions as to the way forward for our group, which as you know has been going almost as long as the Mac itself. Any one with knowledge of or ideas about somewhere suitable we can meet, please contact a member of the SMUG Board. 

February SMUG Meeting Agenda
Happy Mac
6:30-7:00 Q & A
7:00-8:00 MacWorld Expo Roundup
8:00-9:00 Presentation: Cocoatech with Path Finder
9:00-9:30 Raffle & tearful goodbyes

We've got an eBook from O'Reilly, a real book (or is that a pBook?) from Peachpit Press, Syncmate from Eltima software & Voila from Global Delight to give away to some lucky recipients. 
February Meeting Presentations - the Details, by Dave Strom

Our Feb 14th presenters, Cocoatech, will show Path Finder, a file browser for the Macintosh with such cool innovations as the dual pane browser, tabs and bookmarks, and file list sorting and editing. Dave Strom, your fearless vice prez, uses it.

From the Path Finder website (

The Finder, reinvented. Path Finder is an award-winning file browser and management application for Mac OS X. If you've ever wished Apple's Finder just did feature X or feature Y, Path Finder may be what you've been looking for. Path Finder is a standalone application that leverages what you already know about working with your files. It takes the Finder's familiar interface and adds numerous powerful features and interface innovations to help anyone be more productive on Mac OS X.


I enjoyed myself. It was heavy on the iPhone/iPad side, which was okay with me because I own an iPad.

It was in Moscone West this year, instead of Moscone north or south. So I drove. The parking lot is right next door. It was smaller that years pst. But it was busy: lots of people in proportion to the space.

*** ZAGGmate case and keyboard

The item that always had a crowd around it was the ZAGGmate keyboard and case for the iPad, from ZAGG (zany about great gadgets, according to one of the Zagg reps). ZAGGmat won Best of Show at the expo this year. This case is lightweight and strong (I know, I touched it, a lot), made from aircraft-grade aluminum, and when placed over your iPad screen, provides tough protection. It has a Bluetooth keyboard built in, 85 percent size. It had a very nice feel on my fingers. As a writer, I would be fine with typing on it for hours at a time. But I did not buy one: I have a case and keyboard which are bulkier and less elegant, and besides, Zagg sold out of the keyboards by Friday morning.

[Steve adds - "I concur - by the time I got to it, they had already sold all the ones they'd brought to the show"]

*** Hand-e-Holder

I bought a Hand-e-Holder. It is a tablet holder that allows you to attach your iPad to your hand, which for me, can come in handy if I ever start doing my open mic novel readings from my iPad instead of a printed hard copy. It allows me to attach the hand-e-holder to my iPad and remove it easily. It also serves as a stand for the iPad.

*** Apple Juice

I also bought Apple Juice screen cleaner, and have not tried it yet.

*** HyperJuice external batteries

I visited the HyperJuice booth, making external batteries for your MacBook and your iPad and iPhone. Interesting news here. Earlier this year, Apple told HyperJuice (formerly HyperMac) to not sell the modified MagSafe cables that HyperJuice used to attach the HyperJuice external batteries to, and power and charge, MacBooks. (HyperJuice would buy MacBook MagSafe power supplies, and make the modified cables from them.) HyperJuice still sells theAuto/AIrline adapter that, with the MagSafe Airline adapter from Apple, lets you attach the HyperJuice external battery to a MacBook or MacBook Pro and power it, but not charge it.

To power and charge a MacBook, HyperJuice will release a new product in March: the MagicBox. This is a kit that lets you, the MacBook owner, to take your power supply, cut the cable (yes, cut it!), and then attach the MagicBox adapters so that you will now have your MacBook power supply, a MagSafe cable to attach to your HyperJuice battery, and a cable to attach your MacBook power supply to your HyperJuice battery and recharge it. It supposedly takes about two minutes to convert your old MacBook power supply. I saw this , and it looks fairly easy to do: no soldering, just cutting, wire stripping, and attaching a couple of wires to a couple little boxes. I talked to HyperJuice; they have tested this, and had regular people do that process. I personally think this is an elegant solution: it lets your power supply recharge your MacBook and your external HyperJuice battery, and gives you a nice external battery. If I did not have an external battery and cable already, I would try this out. If you have not got the nerve to cut the cable, you can always go the Auto/Airline Adapter route for power only (no recharge).

The Magic Box kit:

*** Moshi screen protectors

I am looking at Moshi screen protectors, the iVisor Pro AG that protects MacBook Pro screens from nasty dirt and fingerprints. I have not seen this in stores yet, the store lists it as out of stock, but I think it will be for sale later this year. This screen protector attaches without adhesive, and is thus easier to put on (and take off) than adhesive-based protectors.

The iVisor AG for the iPad also attaches with no glue, and when I saw Moshi put it on an iPad, tears of joy came to my eyes. Well, almost, considering that I now have an adhesive-based screen protector, and it is a real bear getting all the bubbles out from under the screen protector. The iVisor AG for iPad also has a matte finish for less glare.

Moshi sells lots of products, I was looking at the screen protectors.


*** a book written with an iPad

At one of the booths selling some iPad software (or Mac?), I bought a book called Bite Me, by Fallon Jones. A lice young lady had written her novel with an iPad and self-published it. As a fellow writer, I bought it to support another writer. I told her that my novel's superheroine can beat up about any vampire villain. Especially the whiny teen guy vampires who keep taking their shirts off.

I did not see Storyist at MacWorld Expo. I really want Storyist for the iPad to get out of beta and onto the Apple app store.

Notes compiled by Dave Strom, SMUG Vice President 

Remember: Monday February 14th, 6:30pm  one last time in the Redwood Room.

See you there!

Steve Bellamy
SMUG President
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