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May 27, 2013
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Dear All,
Happy Decoration Day Everybody!

Unfortunately, our presenters for June have cancelled, so there will be no meeting
next Monday. We'll let you know when we have more news for our next get-together.
Meeting Notes  February 2013 - - MacWorld 2013 Roundup

A lot of us enjoyed MacWorld this year, and the general concensus was that it had much improved from the year before, when it was still suffering from Apples's lack of participation. This time there were a lot of interesting things to see and it was hard to see everything. Steve & Dave gave some snapshots of interesting things they encountered.

Steve saw the cutting board and food-proof Chef Sleeve ( where you can put your iPad displaying a yummy recipe. Remember when you could get plastic stands to hold up and protect your paper recipes? Actually, you probably still can do this - not everybody has all their recipes on an iPad as yet.

Steve had pictures! He showed Crash plan ( Macworld recommended that as the most solid (online?) backup plan.


He showed previous SMUG presenter eset (, cyber security and virus protection for the Mac. There was a newer version coming.


Fujitsu had a new version of their scanner, I believe it was the Scansnap iX500. ( You can scan directly to your iPad with it!

There was an art gallery of pictures of art: all done on iPhones or iPads. I should have looked at it. There was an artificial cheese booth. I did not try any. I did not stop at the booth with a poster of "The Devil from Planet X."

iPhone art

Kevin McNeish, who writes programming books and spoke at our December 2012 meeting, was there. I bought the iBook version of "Book 1: Diving In - iOS App Development for Non-Programmers." The iBook version has extras (videos) that other versions of the book do not. (Steve adds: We have free copies of that book for any members who would like one!)
Kevin McNeish

A music stand for the iPad ( lets you mount the iPad on a stand, and there is a device that lets you turn pages (like music) with foot pedals. TheGigEasy ( also had that, allowing you to have the iPad mounted on the side of a microphone stand. (Steve adds: this allowed me to try out my inner rock musician - didn't buy any of this stuff but it's on my wish list for when I get a better iPad. I couldn't resist the fine Sennheiser headphones though):
sennheiser headphones

La Tigre ( has a VOIP service (Internet phone): it encrypts, so it is more private than the more familiar, nay ubiquitous Skype. You use a pay subscription so that all your video and audio chats connect via their servers. tantalizes us with an upcoming watch connected to your iPhone. As of this writing, not launched yet. They did have a very good magician at the booth instead.

After Steve, I showed a few things I bought and saw at MacWorld.

At, I bought myself a HyperJuice Plug. This is a battery for any USB powered device, like your phone or your iPad. (Or my Jambox speaker, or my ZaggMate keyboard, or, well, you get the idea.) It comes in 10,4000mAh or 15,600mAh. I bought the 10,400mAh model. It can recharge my phone several times, and add about 9 hours of life to an iPad 4. It has a wall plug built into it, so I only have to plug it in to recharge it. I paid about $120, $20 off at MacWorld. After using it for a while, I still like it a lot. I note that it can take a while to recharge, like I can plug it in at bedtime and it still has a little recharging to go in the morning. However, I still think that maybe the 15,600mAh model might have been worth it.

I tried and failed to show a video on the Orchestra app at At MacWorld, this app was pretty cool. You can play various classical pieces, and on your iPad, you can touch selected parts of the orchestra to hear them play. And you can see the full score as the music plays. And, oh, a lot of other stuff, go to the website if you want to know more. The Orchestra app takes up 2 gigs (count 'em, 2!) on your iPad, and since I have less than 6 gigs free, I have not bought it yet. I did buy The Elements back in November. 2 gig. I played its intro, the Elements Song by Tom Lehrer.

I went to the iPhone Film Festival,, where people made movies shot entirely with iPhones. (The editing and effects and other stuff are done on Macs.) I showed a short I liked a lot: Vengeance (will kill you). A great spoof of tough gun guys and zombies.

At, I bought a software bundle for my Mac. Lots of video related software. Smart Converter Pro does batch video conversions. VoltaicHD is an AVCHD video converter: I am curious if it will convert my video files from my Canon HD movie camera without having to go through Final Cut Express. miDVD Pro creates DVDs. I got more stuff in my bundle. I'll have to try it out, even though I am writing a novel instead of messing with videos nowadays. As of this date, I still have not installed it. I should be ashamed of myself. (But I am finishing a cool short story about my superheroine, written in deeper point of view, so I don't feel too bad.)

The olloclip,, is a lens you can attach to your iPhone 4 or 5. It gives your phone's camera fisheye, wide angle, and macro. I doubt we'll see such a product made for Android phones, since they come in a lot of shapes and sizes.

I looked at a case and keyboard for the iPad at, but decided the keyboard felt cheap, and the case itself looked a bit fragile. It does let you rotate your iPad to portrait as well as landscape, which is something I will want in my next keyboard/case for my next iPad. I still have the iPad 1 with a ZaggMate keyboard. Yes, I wrote the notes on it.

The Daylight Viewfinder,, lets you attach a viewfinder to your iPhone, and thus be able to see what you are taking a picture/movie of even in bright sunlight. And yes, you can operate the controls while looking through the viewfinder. I tried it. It was easy to use.

iBird,, is a big birding guide for those of you who like to go birding. See what type of bird you see in the meadow. Play that bird chirping from you iPhone or iPad and fool wild birds into thinking you are one of them! I thought it was neat, even though I have no intention of birding.

I bought a cheap dual USB car charger: 1 port is 2.1A, and the other is 1A. But has the reVOLT c2, which has two 10-watt (2.1A) ports! Maybe I should have bought that instead? I also bought a car mount for my phone -- a Samsung Galaxy S3 in an Otterbox case -- that opens WIDE to hold my phone. My previous mount opened barely wide enough. As of this date, I am happy with the charger I bought: it is my car and I have charged my phone with it. The car mount works like a champ: the phone goes in easy and is held securely even after I added a fat extended battery to my phone and a protective case to match. The mount is still suction-cup glommed onto my windshield.

I also bought an anti-glare, non-matte screen protector from Green Onions Supply ( for my 15-inch MacBook Pro. I dislike matte screen protectors, I think they make my display look less sharp. As of this date, I still have to install that. It will be a little tricky.

  Dave Strom, SMUG Vice-President

P.S. There was a refreshing lack of unnecessary iPhone accessories this year, but Steve did come across some unbelievable iPad bling:
iPad Bling

Steve Bellamy
SMUG President