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December 6, 2010 Microsoft Office 2011

Microsoft Office

Diana Jaffe from Microsoft will be here to unveil the latest version of Office - Macros are back, compatibility with Windows versions is up, changes you wanted and others you possibly didn't will be revealed. In their own words:

Office for Mac 2011 has been reinvented, giving you the power to produce
professional-quality documents with even better compatibility with Office for Windows, plus the ability to collaborate with over 500 million Office users worldwide. This session will introduce this new version of Office for Mac. Many of the new features in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook will be covered (and demonstrated) in this session, including Full Screen View in Word, Sparklines in Excel, Dynamic Reorder in PowerPoint, and an overview of the new Outlook.

Plus we have the usual Q & A and Shareware - held over from last meeting, a look at iMovie, including the version available on the iPhone (if we can find an iPhone 4 to use it on!) - and a software raffle and cake!






November 8, 2010 Moe's Notes

Giants-DeadMoe's Notes is a multimedia note recorder, editor and organizer for creative and/or busy people. You can save audio, an image or video, text, tags, and GPS coordinates in each note. You can edit, sort and search for notes in various ways, then email them or upload them to Facebook.

Sounds like something we could all use - more info can be had at www.moeskitchen.com/MoesNotes

Plus we have the usual Q & A and Shareware, and, time permitting, a look at iMovie - with 2 copies of Peachpit's Visual Quickstart Guide to iMovie to give away!





October 4, 2010 iPads, iPhones (not) and more

Dave Strom on the iPad, Dave Aston on Shareware, news from Mac Computer Expo in Petaluma, Q & A, giveaways and more!

September 13, 2010 ProSoft Engineering - Disk Repairs and Data Recovery

A welcome back from our friends from Pleasanton, the producers of Drive Genius and Data Rescue software (see info at prosofteng.com). Scott Spencer tells me that user group specials are likely to be offered, plus they'll also talk about their new subsidiary, called TheDataRescueCenter, which specializes in "hard drive & deleted file recovery". They also offer some related services such as "Data Migration" and "media scanning". The first can do such things as read most any historic Mac file format (floppies, Zip drives, etc) and convert them to modern media types. The second provides for "photo, negative, & slide" scanning. More info at thedatarerscuecenter.com

Plus Owen Saxton continues his review of cool free and almost-free software and we have both old-fashioned bookware and hardware to raffle off.

Please note that due to the Labor Day Holiday, this meeting is on the second Monday of the month rather than the first.

August 9, 2010 ESET - Internet security issues revisited

ESETFor the most part, Macs have largely avoided the virus and hacker attacks that plague every other platform. As the percentage of Mac users grows, so does the security threat. ESET is a global developer of software solutions that deliver proactive, comprehensive protection against evolving computer security threats. ESET will explore perceptions about Mac security, and discuss a variety of Mac security topics including known malware, and countermeasures to protect your Mac. You will also be able to see a brief product demo of the upcoming ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Mac.

Plus shareware and a pile of giveaways to raffle.

Please note that due to SLAC's usual summer conference, this meeting will be on the second Monday of the month rather than the first.

July 12, 2010 From Ocarina to Glee with Smule

Ge Wang plays the OcarinaGe Wang (Ocarina app creator - seen here playing his iPhone accompanied by David Pogue at Macworld 2009) & Turner Kirk aka "The Mule" from Smule will be here to show off their amazing musical apps for iPhone and iPad. Sing yourself silly with Glee, thrill to the Magic Piano! Turner will arrive hot from his interactive podcast to demonstrate how you too can enjoy making and sharing music with smulers all around the world.

Plus Dave Aston on the little-used and little-noticed Services menu on your Mac, the usual Q & A and raffle prizes to delight.
P.S. Note that this meeting is a week later than usual because SLAC will be closed on July 5th for the Independence Day Holiday.






June 7, 2010 Backups & more with Howard Cohen

Howard has a pile of tips and tricks for the Mac OS and the iPhone on his website. A popular presenter in the East Bay, he's going to focus on simplifying the backup process and how it is both simple and necessary if you don't want to lose your precious data.

Plus Shareware - bring something along to demo & discuss! Plus Q & A and raffle.

May 3, 2010 Google & the Social Web

Timothy Jordan, Developer Advocate, Google, will talk about the conversational web as it was, is and will be. Particular attention will be paid to open standards and interopability, as well as Google's recent entry into the space: Buzz.

In Shareware, Owen Saxton will demo some Mac Gems from recent issues of MacWorld - see the newsletter for details!

April 5, 2010 Steve Shepard, Storyist & the new iPad

Steve Shepard, creator of Storyist, shows off his new iPad.

He plans to:
· Demo the iPad (hardware, out-of-box apps)
· Demo some of the major 3rd party apps available at launch
· Demo of iBooks (and other bookstores if they are available at launch)
· Demo of getting your books into iBooks using Storyist

Storyist is a powerful story development tool for novelists and screenwriters. It helps you track your plot, characters, and settings, and keeps all of your writing organizied and accessible--so you can focus on your story (and our own Dave Strom is writing his first novel with Storyist: The Comic Book Code.)

If you were at the March meeting, you'll have seen Bill Atkinson's demo of his iPhone/iPad app via the Xcode emulator tools. In the Shareware session, Dave Aston will take a look behind the scenes and show what's involved in developing real code for the iPhone (or even just for a Mac). Because of all the free resources available, anyone can get started!


March 8, 2010 Bill Atkinson

Yes, it's on March 8th - please don't come on the 1st, when the Redwood Room has apparently been shrunk to the size of a tiny seminar room for physicists to meet and discuss in.

Our main presenter will be the renowned Apple innovator and nature photographer Bill Atkinson, author of the early Mac programs QuickDraw, MacPaint & HyperCard, and whom some of you will remember last visited SMUG in November 2002 to show his spectacular digital artwork and discuss the technologies he uses to print his nature photography. Now he's back with an innovative product that redefines the way people create and send postcards.

With Bill Atkinson PhotoCard you can easily make dazzling, high resolution postcards on your iPhone or iPod touch, and send them on-the-spot, either through e-mail, or through the US Postal Service. The application is amazingly easy to use. To create a PhotoCard, select one of Bill Atkinson's exquisite nature photographs or use one of your own personal photos. Then, flip the PhotoCard over to type your custom message on the back. For a fun touch, jazz up your PhotoCard with your choice of decorative stickers and stamps. If you're e-mailing your message, it can even include an audible greeting in a voice note. You can get more details on Bill's website.

Plus we'll have book and software giveaways and a look at the latest shareware with Owen Saxton.

February 1, 2010 Who's surfing your Mac?

In the wake of recent news about Chinese hacking into Google and other silicon valley companies' servers, it's a good time to reflect on our personal internet security. A recent New York Times article revealed that most people use easily-hackable passwords online, the most common being "123456" and the 4th most common being"password". You can read the full article and ponder the implications of this here.
Do you wonder about your home network security? Are there little creepy people hopping onto your network, maybe reading your files, your data, your Krabby Patty recipe? Are little pop-ups on the web trying to sneak into YOUR Mac? Lynda Gousha will tell you how to keep your Mac and your home network safe on the Internet and present an overview of what's going on in the world of security on the net.
Lynda Gousha is a Macintosh security consultant, industry watch, and long-time MUG leader and member (for more info, see her website at www.securityrealitycheck.com).

Plus we have graphic and backup software to check out and give away (see this month's newsletter for details), as well as all the usual features.

January 4, 2010 Google, Earthquakes, Apocalypse Now!

Not so much Shareware as Googleware from Owen this month, as he examines some of the many products from what many now deem Apple's biggest rival in the cool soft and hardware field. This month's topic is "everything Google". Though Google started as just a search engine provider, it clearly aspires to be the starting point for all web interactions, providing a multitude of free services including maps, e-mail, photo and document sharing, translation, book access, and many more. Owen will give a brief overview of them all, and a more detailed look at a few of the less well-known ones.

Dell Bleiler's made something of a study of Earthquake preparedness in the Bay Area as part of his community work in Los Altos. He'll be endeavoring to shake you up (in the best possible way), explaining why and how you should get ready for the Big One. And we have a few interesting USGS and Google mashups to display as well.

Plus of course some interesting giveaways and possibly some other software to present. See you tomorrow - same time, same place - and once again, happy 2010 to all!

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