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Headquartered in Dallas, Texas and founded in 2012, Hari Mari designs, manufactures, and sells colorful, comfortable, and eco-friendly flip flops and footwear. Because Hari Maris are constructed with sustainable materials, they can be repurposed after their long life. The company carries their thoughtful approach further by donating 1% of every sale to support children battling cancer.

Business Challenge

Because Hari Mari’s office and retail store are in one open area, co-founder Jeremy Stewart wanted the office portion of the Hari Mari building to better align with the modern, clean aesthetic found in their retail area. Since customers regularly visit their showroom and office at the same time, it was critical for both areas to accurately reflect the brand. Additionally, Hari Mari’s office furniture was a mishmash of randomly purchased pieces that didn’t accurately reflect their brand, nor was it a cohesive look. “Our office area was literally just pieces of furniture cobbled together from the 70s, 80s, and 90s,” Stewart said. “It was time for a change.” Stewart knew that he needed their furniture to grow with them as a company since he sees them possibly outgrowing their office space in about a year. As a result, it was critical that the office furniture they purchased could easily move with them to a new location or move around in the current space.

A space plan to create a cohesive look for their office
Hari Mari
Dallas, TX
Installation Date
January 8, 2020
Space Available
3,135 sq ft.
Price Per Sq. Ft.

"Unquestionably, there’s now a greater sense of energy in the new office than there was before. The ability to stand post-lunch, for example, injects more energy into the place."


From space planning to installation, Vari outfitted the workspace area of the Hari Mari building in a way that not only mirrors Hari Mari’s brand aesthetic in the retail area but brings a cohesive look to the office area of their overall space. As a result, Stewart feels that the building as a whole is more welcoming for the visiting customer and the Hari Mari team alike. “When customers come into the store, it’s much more inviting if we’re already standing. It’s easier for us to immediately engage with customers,” Stewart said.

The Result

In addition to the aesthetic alignment with their brand, Stewart is pleased that the Electric Standing Desks bring a new, positive vibe into the office. Because teams are now sitting with each other versus separated, there is a great deal more collaboration. “I love the fact there’s more camaraderie between the teams and within groups,” said Stewart. Planning and installation came easy for Hari Mari as well. In order to help Stewart determine the best space plan for their unique environment, the Vari team worked diligently until the plan fit perfectly with the company’s needs. Finally, installation was a breeze for Hari Mari. “The installation team is awesome,” Stewart said. He also added that he appreciated having one point of contact for the entire process, from space planning to purchase to installation. “I know if we ever had an issue, we could just call Vari directly. I think that’s a huge deal,” Stewart said. “There’s a continuity and consistency to having end-to-end service.” Finally, per Stewart, Vari provided the office furniture needed to grow with them. “I think the mobility and ability to adjust various furniture and workspaces is so key for building and growing a business like ours, just because you never know from one day to the next how many people will be working here and whatever may be. It’s great to have that adjustability,” he added.

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