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Topgolf is a sports entertainment company transforming the world of golf and connecting people in healthy, meaningful ways. With over 60 locations across the US, TopGolf is a popular destination for events, outings, and celebrations of all kinds. The same energy found at all TopGolf locations extends into their Dallas, TX headquarters. It’s clear that TopGolf is committed to providing their employees with an office culture that’s healthy, active, engaged, and fun.

Installation Date
August 2019
Dallas, TX
Services Provided
Space Planning
Furniture Delivery
Site Clean Up
High quality and adaptable products that fit into their active office culture

"Vari and TopGolf are Providing Something That is Good in the Moment but Also has the Ability to Make the Rest of People’s Day or Life Better Also.”

Business Challenge

The IT department wanted standing desk options that were high quality and adaptable to their quickly growing company. They were also looking for something that worked within their budget and didn’t require a full remodel of their workspace. An active office culture has been an important part of TopGolf headquarters since the very beginning, so they trusted Vari® to understand their goal of providing a more energetic, engaging, and collaborative work environment for their young team.

The Result

TopGolf chose our most popular desktop converters to meet their need for activity and we outfitted their team in just one day. After touring their office, we recommended our VariDesk® Pro Plus™ 36 and VariDesk® Cube Plus® 40 models. These solutions had their IT team happily sitting, standing, and being more productive right away— and as they continue to grow, they can add new desktop converters or move the ones they have, without the need for expensive remodeling or professional installers.

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